FAST AND FURIOUS 10: HOBS AND SHAW 2 [HD] Trailer - Dwayne Johnson (Fan Made)

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    This is my fan trailer about Fast and Furious Presents: Hobs and Shaw 2 when...Hobs and Shaw reunites when a big treat comes to the city.

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    Hey guys I would like to make it clear that this is a fan made trailer.

    Sadly this trailer is not REAL.

    That means it contains clips from other movies, put together with special effects using Wondershare Filmora video editor and Pizap photo editor.

    The purpose of my videos is to bring dream movies to life.

    If you are looking for a real trailer sorry this is not for you.

    As stated in the beginning I created this for ENTERTAINMENT and the FANS of the movie.

    Creating this video take days to produce and publish.

    I do lots of research and takes a lot of time.

    The thumbnails and posters you see are originally created by me.

    (Follow me on twitter @Macamtvofficial to get more details of my work.)

    Just like most of trailers I wanted to make this as fresh to the viewers eyes as much as possible.

    I used deleted scenes from Hobs and Shaw also movies of The Rock and Jason Statham.

    Fast and Furious franchise is big with cars so I added cars in the trailer using commercials.

    Connecting clips to make it look like Jason (a.k.a) Shaw is driving it.

    I personally liked the tone of the trailer, very action pack and comedic at the same time.

    Similar to tone of the actual movie.

    I thought this movie has to be my favorite Dwayne Johnson movie of all time.

    I used clips from WWE2k20 video game trailer to include Roman Reins.

    Then I connected the clips with Jason Statham in kitchen apron to make it appear as if he was in the same building.

    Feel free to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT and LIKE this video, I would appreciate it a lot.

    The more popular the video is, the better chance it can get seen and maybe come true!!!!

    Special Thanks to:

    ►Footage Used:
    Video Credits | Fast & Furious Presents: Hobs and Shaw deleted scenes | "Hobs and Shaw" Deleted Scenes | "Hobs and Shaw" Official Trailer | Pain and Gain | Hummingbird | Mr.

    Jones | WWE2k20 Trailer | Night School | World's Greatest Drag Race by MotorTrend Channel | Transporter 2

    ► Music Credit:
    Hobs and Shaw trailer soundtrack trailer #2 - Fight (Ft.

    Panther) by TheUnder | Hobs and Shaw trailer #1 Soundtrack

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